Cloud video surveillance for your business

Connect your cameras to the VSAAS.IO - cloud video surveillance system to organize effectively remote control of your business


Connect your cameras to a reliable cloud solution

VSAAS servers is located in a reliable data center, maintained in working condition by qualified engineers and expensive equipment, protected by a modern system of physical and IT protection, which means you can be sure that Your data will always be available to you and inaccessible to third parties.

Access to the cameras and archive via web, mobile client, API

The security of the data from the cameras will not interfere with your access to them. You can always access them from anywhere in the world using the web client or mobile application. In addition, if you use the data from the cameras for your own development, we have provided a software API interface for easy integration with external systems.

Unlimited scalability

If you need to increase the number of connected cameras, you can always do it in a couple of clicks. No additional costs for the purchase of expensive servers do not have to. Scaling the system, whether connecting a new camera or connecting hundreds of cameras to a new facility, is always easy and fast.


Reducing your operating costs of owning a video surveillance system

Our server part of the video surveillance system, provided by the service model, reduces your operating costs. You save on maintenance personnel involved in server administration, power supply, physical location of server hardware

Access to your video surveillance system from anywhere in the world

By connecting your cameras to our service, they will always be available to you from anywhere in the world where there is Internet. No additional settings related to port forwarding or connection of external DDNS services are required. Your video surveillance system will always be available to you through any browser or mobile phone.

Minimum implementation time of the system

Connecting cameras to our service is done in minutes. It is enough to install Agent on the cameras and they will appear in your personal account automatically. In addition, you can add a camera and get instant access to it and its archive by specifying its URL on the RTSP stream. Server settings or software is not required.

No hidden fees

The fixed subscription fee for the use of the service already includes all the necessary list of our work on maintenance of servers and additional equipment, maintaining it in full working condition, installing updates and upgrading equipment.


online view and sharing
2 $
monthly per camera

7 days of archive
5 $
monthly per camera

14 days of archive
10 $
monthly per camera

30 days of archive
13 $
monthly per camera

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