Cloud video surveillance as an additional source of income for your business.

Connect your customers to the cloud videosurveillance VSAAS.IO and earn high cash back on their payments


Your customer's DVR in the cloud

Instead of placing a local DVR on your customer's site, you can connect their cameras to VSAAS.IO - cloud video surveillance system, thus you will save a time on the implementation. Your client's cameras will be connected to a reliable server located in a modern data center that meets all modern requirements for reliability and security. High-speed communication channel will allow you to get online access to live and video archive, as if they were installed on a local recorder. Unlike the local DVR, thief will not be able to damage or carry with them the data recorded from surveillance cameras.

Access to video surveillance and monitoring system using web, mobile client

By connecting your client's cameras to our cloud service, you don't need to think about how to remote access to them. This function is present by default. Live view or archive from cameras is available from any modern browser with support of HTML5, or from mobile applications under IOS or android from any point of the World where Internet is present. Thus, you will save time for your specialists to set up this function.

Control of your earnings in your personal account

Becoming a partner of the service, you will have the opportunity to make good earn by connecting your customers to VSAAS.IO. A part of the monthly payments of your customers referred by you will be transferred to you as cash back. You will receive an additional stable monthly income. You can get information about payments of your customers and information about your earnings in your account, where there is all the necessary and detailed reports.


New source of stable income

By connecting the client to the service you will receive monthly cash back from the payments made by him. Increasing the number of connected clients you will have a stable source of income without your own time loss and financial costs.

No need to maintain customer's server infrastructure

VSAAS.IO servers where customers cameras are hosted are served by us and are always ready to use. You do not need to worry about their performance and spend time on their service. These works are performed by us and are already included in the rates of VSAAS.IO

Time saving for system implementation

Due to the fact that we provide our ready-to-use service for you and your customers, you save enough time on configuring the server software. In addition, using Agent on cameras, you will not need to configure access to cameras for NAT. They will connect to the VSAAS.IO automatically.

Centralized monitoring of your facilities

A single personal account will allow you to monitor the status of all your customers ' facilities. You will always know which cameras of the client work, what parameters of their work. The greater part of the service appeals from you customers to you can be solved remotely by our service of monitoring of the cameras.


online view and sharing
2 $
monthly per camera

7 days of archive
5 $
monthly per camera

14 days of archive
10 $
monthly per camera

30 days of archive
13 $
monthly per camera

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