video surveillance
for business

Connect cameras to our cloud platform, which will protect your business from intruders, help optimize operational processes, and organize the work of staff, as well as provide critical information for marketing research.

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Why should you launch a video surveillance service?

and investigation of incidents

The presence of CCTV cameras and operators who monitor them will prevent unlawful actions by third parties, and the presence of video recordings from these cameras will allow them to investigate incidents.

Work control

With the help of CCTV cameras it is possible to control personnel and evaluate their work. The presence of cameras in retail outlets will let you know when and for what reasons employees move away from their jobs and how they serve customers.

Business performance

Video surveillance helps to improve business processes in organizations and automatically collect information necessary for business development: From the quality of work of movers in the warehouse to the analysis of sweats of visitors at the outlet.


Real-time video

Our service allows you to comfortably and conveniently track everything that happens in the field of view of the cameras:

Watch multiple cameras simultaneously in mosaic mode

Connect cameras and recorders available on distributed objects to a single system

Receive traffic notifications

Use modern maps as substrates for viewing video from geographically distributed cameras

The ability to take a screenshot at any time

Zoom in on areas of interest using the mouse

CCTV Management
and security

It’s easy and convenient to organize a video surveillance system of any scale with us:

Hierarchical view of the camera list

Customizable access rights to control, view video from cameras

Create custom mosaics

Create a list of favorite camerasfor instant access

Work with video archive
and events

We have everything we need to work with the video archive recorded from cameras:

Timeline and calendar navigation with the mouse

Timeline marks about the movement

Receive traffic notifications

List of events with convenient filters with the ability to instantly switch to viewing the desired event

Video analytics

The capabilities of video analytics expand the scope of the service, taking video surveillance beyond the scope of a security system:

License plate recognition

Face recognition

Counting Unique Visitors

Smart face detector

Mobile app

For those who are used to using their smartphone as the main working tool, we have a mobile application, that allows you to perform key actions with the video surveillance system.

View Real-time sites monitoring

Video archive Access to the video archive from all cameras connected to the object

The event log View a list of events that occurred on the object, with a filter

Notifications Automatic PUSH event notifications


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Ip cameras

IP cameras with support for VSAAS.IO for
utdoor and indoor installation

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Cloud-based DVRs for backup archiving
and reducing the cost of Internet

More details


Small equipment that allows you to
connect any camera to the VSAAS.IO service

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Cloud-based video surveillance service is better than installing a separate registrar or video server. And that’s why:

Minimum implementation time You do not need to mount or configure server hardware. This is a ready to go platform that will save you a lot of implementation time.

IT Optimization Cost Forget about expensive server purchases and maintenance staff. We professionally take care of that for you.

Work via the Internet without settings Access the cameras via the Internet in our service immediately after registration. Without white IP and port forwarding.

Trusted Data Warehouse Video data in our cloud will be under reliable protection against threats from the outside and from the inside. The records will not be taken out together with the goods.

Auto Connect Cameras To add a camera to your personal account, just connect it to the Internet and activate using a mobile application.

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