Cloud video
for your home

Connect cameras to our cloud platform, which will protect your home and loved ones from crime. Save and keep clips you want to watch later.

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Why do you need a video surveillance service?

of property

Surveillance cameras installed at home and in the country will help scare away unwanted guests, as well as prevent violations of the inviolability of your home and property.

Caring for the elderly

Video surveillance will always help to be close to your friends and dear ones, who require constant care. Video surveillance will help to monitor their condition and communicate with them at a distance.

Monitoring the behavior
of children

Children are famous for their unpredictable behavior, which requires to keep an eye on them at all times. Video surveillance will always let you know what a child is doing at all times when he or she is at home.


on a mobile device

Our service has everything you need to work with cameras through a mobile device:

Watch a picture from surveillance cameras online

Watch archive recorded from cameras with navigation by date and time

View a list of events in the system and their video replay

Ability to upload screenshots and video archives

Intelligent motion detector with PUSH notifications

Two-way audio communication with the camera

WEB client for those who want more functionality

You can go from viewing home cameras to a complete video surveillance system using a web browser:

All the possibilities for monitoring cameras in real time and viewing the archive from them

Event list management with filters and uploads

Mosaics for simultaneous viewing of multiple cameras in real time

Card with drawing cameras on its surface

Simple and convenient

Starting to use our service is very easy and simple:

Plug & play connect cameras to the service. Enough internet at home.

Ability to connect existing cameras with optional equipment

Lack of special equipment to be installed at home

No need to make any settings requiring special knowledge

You can share a video or embed it on a site using one button

Digital and physical security

Your privacy and videos
are protected:

Lack of unauthorized access to video and archive from your cameras

Your data is stored in a reliable data center and attackers will not be able to remove it along with property from home

Convenient system for providing access to cameras to your family members and friends

Encryption of data received from video cameras

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Ip cameras

IP cameras with support for VSAAS.IO for
utdoor and indoor installation

More details


Cloud-based DVRs for backup archiving
and reducing the cost of Internet

More details


Small equipment that allows you to
connect any camera to the VSAAS.IO service

More details


Cloud-based video surveillance service is better than installing a separate registrar or video server. And that’s why:

Plug & Play Connection No special skills and knowledge are required to connect the cameras. Just connect the cameras to the power outlet and go.

Data security If an attacker enters your home and takes the camera away, then all the data will remain in the cloud and help you find the intruder.

Work via the Internet without settings Access to cameras via the Internet in our service immediately after registration in it. Without white IP and port forwarding.

Hardware free Only we provide video surveillance equipment for free when concluding a contract for using the service.

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