is a new source
of income
for your business

A cloud-based video surveillance service for your current subscribers. You can easily launch your own service on the basis of our platform with low initial costs and in almost no time.

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Why should you launch a video surveillance service?

To attract more

Video surveillance services are in great demand both among businesses and individuals. Video surveillance allows you to protect yourself and your property, as well as improve processes. Attract subscribers who want to install camcorders.

To increase the average bill
per subscriber

Bring new benefits to your current client base. Your subscribers are already loyal to you and they will listen to your proposal.

To keep up
from competitors

Your competitors are beginning to actively introduce the cloud video surveillance service into their product portfolio, often targeting your subscribers. In order to keep up with key market players and outrun lagging ones, it is necessary to introduce a service. A service that you clients actually want and need.

Opportunities for subscribers

For business

Real-time video monitoring

Video archive

Event Reporting

Intelligent Detectors

WEB and mobile application

Property protection

Incident investigation

Staff monitoring

Video analytics for business

For individuals

Real-time video surveillance behind the house, cottage, family

Record and view video archive

Motion Detector

PUSH notifications on the phone

WEB and mobile application

Easy camera connection

Two way audio

View multiple cameras at the same time

Service launch options

Own installation

You can deploy the service on your servers:

Purchase our software license subscription

Purchase or rent servers and hard drives

Hire and train technicians who will monitor SLA implementation

Buy surveillance cameras and flash them to work with the service

Engage in sales and marketing

Turnkey solution

Or you can do the same on our servers:

Take with us access to a fully ready for production cloud infrastructure with deployed software

Leave server maintenance and SLA execution to our engineers

Free to start using infrastructure with payment as you connect cameras

Brand WEB and mobile application

Rent cameras with our own brand

Focus on sales and marketing


Launch a cloud-based video surveillance service to make the carrier business more profitable

Lack of capital to invest Launch a new video surveillance system service without the need to invest a lot of capital.

Turnkey Solution We will provide everything that you need: Software, cameras with Agent, billing system, and maintenance by our engineers.

Quick start You can start the service within days after signing the agreement. All the infrastructure required is ready. You will only need to do sales and marketing.

Branding All software, personal account and mobile application can be branded with your colors and logos.

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